Abrassa Mentorship and Empowerment Network (AMEN) is a community based organization registered in Kenya with the aim of transforming lives through participatory approaches that empower people. With the aim of creating a healthy & informed society where people thrive in harmony with themselves and their environment, AMEN works with the government, local communities and like-minded partners to drive a social transformation agenda. We aspire to engage local talents and experience to make the best out of communities we serve. We recognize that however poor people are, they wake up to work every morning to provide for themselves, their families and the community to the best of their capabilities. We understand that this dream and effort is at times undermined due to desperate situations that they face including poverty, marginalization, lack of opportunities and poor health among the many others. Together with other development partners, government and communities, we will address these many challenges and contribute to better welfare for the people and communities.
Principles of Management

Our Vision

A transformed, empowered and productive society where everyone has the opportunity to meet their basic needs

Our Mission

Working with most vulnerable people to build a responsible society by imparting values, life-skills, integrity and professionalism to teenagers, youth, and young career graduates uplift their living standards through participation and innovative solutions to their development needs.

Our Objective

Mobilizing resources, empowering communities and developing innovations that transform lives bringing about better solutions to health and development barriers that undermine social, family and individual aspirations