The project  is run by the Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK) in Partnership
with Abrassa Mentorship and Empowerment Network (AMEN). The goals of the  project is to
I. Promoting women’s leadership in governance and decision making processes in Marsabit
II. Strengthening women’s movements in Marsabit County
The meeting will also be a platform where the Movement of Men against AIDS in Kenya (MMAAK)
will introduce to stakeholders and the community a project of Promoting Women’s leadership in
Governance and Decision Making process, supported by UNWomen, which will be implemented by
MMAAK and AMEN in 3 Sub Counties of Saku, Laisamis and Moyale. The project will be a Pilot and
seeks to enhance the capacity and voice of women in decision making to advance GEWE and Increases
citizen civic understanding and advocacy on women’s rights to participate in governance processes.

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Participants at Sarova Panafric attending Save a Mother Initiative webinar

Participants at Sarova Panafric attending Save a Mother Initiative webinar

The dissemination of save a mother initiative project achievements forum held  in Nairobi 23rd March 2021 . The forum was hosted by Abrassa mentorship & empowerment network-Kenya and the Philips foundation. The session dubbed, Improving Access to Primary Health Care in Hard-to-Reach Populations: Experiences and Learnings from the Save A Mother Initiative project, will address the critical lessons on the utilization of innovative community-driven approaches to improvement of maternal and child health outcome, engagement of Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) use of community-based information systems, as well as the importance of collaboration and partnerships towards sustainable social entrepreneurial models.

The Philips Foundation has supported more than 250 projects across the world to date, with the objective of reducing healthcare inequality by providing access to quality healthcare for disadvantaged communities. During this session, we will have an opportunity to learn from the global experience of the Foundation and their contribution towards PHC.

Mr Simba Guleid making introductory speach during the webinar at Sarova panafric

Mr Simba Guleid making introductory speech during the webinar at Sarova Panafric

Some recommendations taken away  on that day include investing and strengthening  health system inputs through; boosting the number of skilled health workers especially with a specific focus to level 1.Mr Eddine Sarroukh reiterated by saying investing a dollar in primary health care has return of investment ten fold hence need for investment in level 1 service to improve overall household economy.

Mr Eddine Sarroukh, HealthCare Innovation lead at Philips foundation addressing webinar participants.

Mr Eddine Sarroukh, HealthCare Innovation lead at Philips foundation addressing webinar participants.

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Comprehensive Community Sensitization

The Comprehensive Community Sensitization Successfully Done

Abrassa Mentorship & Empowerment Network organization (AMEN)-Kenya has successfully done 3 days comprehensive community sensitization on Save A Mother Initiave Project which enable strengthening of the health service delivery to a better level in focusing Antenatal and post-natal care Visits and skilled delivery.

AMEN-Kenya in Collaboration with the County Health department is looking forward to work with Community Health Volunteers under the close monitoring of Community Health Extension Workers in the selected 20 target villages in improving the Maternal and child health matters in Marsabit County.

Sensitization of the 20 selected target villages has finally come to an end after the 3 days thorough and comprehensive sensitization in Malabot, Balesa, Dukana and Forole villages of North-Horr Sub County.

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Stakeholders inception forum for save a mother initiative project

Stakeholders inception forum for save a mother initiative project

Stakeholders inception forum for save a mother initiative project at Jirime resort.A successful discussion on health initiatives across the county attended by county health management team,AMEN staff,local NGOs and CBOs in Marsabit.

Its was established that various stakeholders should meet at least quarterly to deliberate on what better ways to create partnerships to better engage on health issues faced by marsabit county residents.

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Youth Mentorship Marsabit

Youth Mentorship Marsabit
February 15th – 17th 2018 saw eMentoring Africa in conjunction with Abrassa Mentorship and Empowerment Network (AMEN) bring mentorship to the youth of Marsabit County. Youth from the four sub-counties of Saku, North Horr, Moyale and Laisamis were convened for the 2-day transformational mentorship forum at the Gof Hotel in Saku sub-county, Marsabit town.

After the introductory session, the County Government of Marsabit briefed the youth on the programs they offer which include: cutting across capacity building, prevention of early marriages, anti-FGM and substance abuse campaign. In addition, the County continues to promote sports activities through competitive leagues and tournaments in each sub-county. Finally, a number of Vocational Training Centers for youth have been set up offering free skilled training courses in masonry, tailoring and mechanics. The highlight of the County presentation was the free computer literacy program (CLP) being offered in different centers with a goal to equipping the youth with modern ICT skills after completion of high school.

On the final day, Saturday 17th February, the County Government organized a tree-planting community service program at a location known as Kofia Mbaya near Tahidi High School. Dignitaries who attended and planted trees included the County Deputy Commissioner (representing the County Commissioner for Marsabit), the Member of County Assembly, Saku area, the Chief Officer, Youth Affairs Madam Fatma, and Ms. Esther Muchiri, CEO – eMentoring Africa. The youth then followed suit and participated in planting the 1,050 trees with a promise of taking care of them in order to conserve the environment.

Special mention and appreciation to two outstanding youth leaders, Youth Bunge Forum Marsabit President Mr. Issack, and the National Youth Council for Marsabit Mr. Adan Mulata. Their work of leading the youth to undertake transformational programs in Marsabit is highly commendable. This however would not be possible without the excellent support and leadership provided by the Youth Department Chief Officer Ms. Fatma Wario, assisted by the Youth Principal Officer Ibrahim and Youth Alliance Officer Rahma.

We invite you to sign up today to become a mentor on the official Pass It On Kenya Facebook page and enjoy a mentorship experience like no other. Get a chance to also be a local tourist in your country!
For more information, please visit; or

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